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Introduction to the knee

The knee is a vital part of the body, and the leg especially. It joins the thighs with the rest of the legs and a healthy knee is needed to walk properly and to perform the everyday activities. There are a total of four bones that make up the knee and they are connected with a number of very important muscles and ligaments.

It is not only the most important joint in the body it is also the most complex. The knee must hold the weight of the entire body when a person is walking, running or even just standing. When a person is feeling pain in the knee, there are many different possible causes, since it is a very complicated joint. The pain could be caused by internal or external reasons.

Sometimes people who are overweight could be experiencing a lot of pain in the knees because the knee is having a hard time supporting their obese frame. Knee soreness can also result from injuries to the ligaments or tendons, sports injuries, or ailments of the bones and joints such as arthritis.

Treating a sore knee

When a person is experiencing knee pains, there are some rules that they must adhere to in order to make sure that the pain does not intensify or spread.

When a person is experiencing knee pain, it is of utmost important to stop all activities that are causing pain. That means that the person must rest and put as little strain on the joint as possible.

When resting, it is a good idea to place a pillow under the knee as well. Applying some ice on the joint several times a day is also good for relieving the pain and decreasing the swelling that is causing the pain. Another good idea is to wrap your knee, which will provide compression and support that will enable the knee to heal up faster and decrease the risk of injuring it again. Also, while resting, the knee needs to be elevated in order to decrease the swelling.

When the swelling has died down, a person can resume their everyday activities, however, it is of utmost important to avoid putting a lot of pressure on the knee until it is fully healed.

If you are a person that indulges in sports and athletics regularly, then it is vital to change shoes very often, because this will decrease the can of hurting the knee. It is also important to make sure that the shoes are adequate for sporting activities and that they are as comfortable as possible and provide full support for the knee and leg in general.

In order to stabilize the knee joint and keep it protected, it is also a good idea to wear a knee brace when participating in these athletic activities, especially if the knee has already been injured before.

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