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Maintaining health is not easy today. One of the biggest reasonsfor that is inability to put some time in a day away for exercising and takingcare of the body. It is how it is; too much work and stress, and no time for somerelaxation and favorite physical activity. This might lead to some medicalproblems, of which overweight and heart problems are most common. But thereare also certain medical issues that do not happen often, and since those are not as dangerous asheart problems, for example, less attention is given to them.This is wrong, because people do not react when there is only slight painpresent, but they wait until the situation becomes complicated and the level of painhigher.

Knee pain

One of those less common problems is knee pain. It isusually associated with people who have obesity problems, but also with those who exercise often, athletes too. There are several types of the knee pain,depending on what area is affected. So, there is front, inner and posteriorknee pain. All of those should be treated and not taken lightly at all. If thereis obesity present, the first step for reducing and eliminating knee pain is weightreduction, but if that does not happen, true cause of the problem has to beestablished.

Baker’s cyst is one of the common causes of the posterior kneepain. It is caused by protrusion of synovial membrane into popliteal area. Theproblem here is that this usually happens because there is some other conditionpresent, and sometimes it is osteoarthritis. For eliminating this problem,osteoarthritis should be treated. Only rarely, surgery is needed.

Posterios knee pain can also be caused by some muscleproblems, and most commonly it is because of hamstring injuries. Hamstring consistsof three muscles, and the one that is most commonly problematic is bicepsfemoris. Also, popliteal muscle can be the cause of the knee pain.

Meniscus can be damaged as well, and also, injury can happen inposterolateral corner.


Treatment should be immediate and proper, which means thateven though at start, knee pain, posterior or any other, is not that strong, the situation can complicate very quickly and then a surgery might be needed.Unfortunately, sometimes surgery is the only way of eliminating the knee pain. Treatmentsare different and depend on the factor that is causing the pain. Methodsinclude rehabilitation therapy, repairing, and resection of meniscus, standardtreatment of strained muscles, tendons and ligaments.

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