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It is not unusual for people who overuse their legs to experience the side knee pain. However, there are many causes of it. This kind of a pain can be very uncomfortable and truly annoying. If you happen to injure the tissue that is supporting the joint of the knee, you may experience the side knee pain, which can be referred to as the musculoskeletal disorder. In case of an injury of inflammation of cartilage, ligaments, tendons or bones of the knee, you may find it difficult to bend or straighten your knee and you will suffer a severe pain in the area of the knee.


There is a variety of causes of the side knee pain and you should determine the right cause to be able to treat it properly. Side knee pain can occur on both sides of the knee and one of the most common causes is the injury of the ligaments. People who play sports are prone to suffer from side knee pain, since they often expose their knees to the pressure and falling. Severe pain is a result of torn knee ligaments.

Another cause of side knee pain is chondromalacia, which is a condition when your kneecap becomes soft enough to be vulnerable due to the rubbing underneath the kneecap. This process damages the cartilage and it is followed by sharp side knee pain. This condition is most commonly caused by the imbalance of the muscles, improper joint of the knee, overuse or the trauma of the knee.

A type of arthritis called osteoarthritis is one more cause of the side knee pain. Its sufferers may find it difficult to move their knees properly, but the pain on either side of the knee is severe. Many people, particularly those who play sports, suffer from the injuries of the meniscus, which is a tiny cartilage that absorbs the shocks of the knee. The meniscus injury causes the side knee pain. Another most common cause of the side knee pain is tendonitis, the irritation or inflammation of the knee tendons, which is a result of the overuse of the knee. Tendonitis causes a sharp, annoying side knee pain. There are many people who suffer from iliotibial band syndrome (also called IT band syndrome), which is a condition where the iliotibial band gets inflamed due to the injury or overuse. The iliotibial band is a tissue that spreads itself along the outside of the lower thigh and the knee.


There are many treatments for the side knee pain. One of the most commonly used is the one called RICE, which is an acronym for the rest, ice, compression and elevation. You should rest your knee as much as possible, apply the ice pack previously wrapped in a washcloth, and leave it for about 15 minutes. You should apply the ice pack several times per day. To apply the compression try using the elastic bandages and keep your knee elevated above the level of the heart to reduce the swelling and side knee pain. You can use some prescribed medication to reduce the pain as well, but in case, the pain doesn`t go away, it is best to visit a doctor.

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