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A great majority of people at least once suffered from this very common problem. In this text, we will focus this problem, its causes and the methods that can be used to eliminate the condition and the problem. Most of us are not familiar with this problem although we have frequently experienced it. The inflammation is the problem associated with it, and it should be located behind the knee in order to cause this kind of pain. People who play soccer, run or ride bicycle frequently experience this kind of pain. The problem we are talking about, in these cases, is created due to the excessive use of the knee. The knee is under great stress and this causes pain.


The femur, or the thighbone, is rubbed against the kneecap and this causes the pain behind the knee. The femur needs to be glided over by the knee and this is considered to be normal and effective movement. But, the knee starts to rub and the damage is produced due to the created friction. Also, the cartilage becomes rough and this aggravates the problem thus increasing the pain felt. Obesity can also cause the pain in this region, because the body with such weight produces great pressure on the knees on rear and frontal area, which induces pain. The hamstrings can become weak due to the excessive stress and use. These hamstrings are responsible for the movement of the leg. Structural alignment fault, trauma, muscle weakness, fracture, and injury can also cause the pain behind the knee.

Symptoms and Treatment

Structural abnormalities can occur in more serious cases, but in most cases, the inflammation is the main symptom. Articular cartilage and bone area can be torn off in traumatic cases. There are ways of eliminating this problem. Patients can use several remedies that can help with the pain; swimming, workout on the exercise bike, doing some stretching exercises will bring results. The pain can also be eliminated from the future and the muscles will become more straightened. Knee braces and arch support shoes may be a good idea for persons with pain felt behind the knee. Also, medications like anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers can be used. The problem can be caused by obesity and it these cases, the excessive weight has to be reduced. The damage to the knee can be made worse if the physical activity is not reduced or eliminated. Try not to walk up and down on steps, to walk/jog/run less and try not to put stress on the knee. The problem of the pain behind the knee is usually eliminated with anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers, but if the problem becomes great, seek medical attention.

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