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A lot of people experience the knee pain due to variousreasons, but in this particular article we are going to talk about the torncartilage in the knee. There are many causes of the torn cartilage and it canhappen to anyone.


Knees are very important because they are involved in theeveryday walking, running or jumping, and they bear a certain amount of the body’sweight. Three main bones make the knee and they are patella, femur and tibia.However, the tendons and muscles are also very important for a proper work ofthe knee. One more part of the knee that is also very important is thecartilage, also called meniscus, which absorbs the shock movements of the knee.

A lot of people suffer from the torn cartilage in the knee,which can be caused due to the aging. It means that the part of the knee’stendons and ligaments becomes weaker than before. This condition usuallyaffects people older than 50 years of age. Another cause of the torn cartilagein the knee is excessive pressure on the cartilage, which can cause severe painin the area of the knee. Some of the most common causes of the torncartilage in the knee include the swelling in the knee, which is usuallyfollowed by the sharp pain. A person may also be unable to straighten or bendthe knee completely in this case and this condition is called joint locking.


There are various treatments of the torn cartilage in theknee. The most helpful method is the one known as the RICE treatment, which isa short for rest, ice, compression and elevation. If you have injured the knee,try not to use it too much and avoid applying pressure on it. You should restyour knee as much as you can, and you can apply the ice pack for a couple oftimes a day. You should keep the ice pack on the knee for no longer than 15minutes, but make sure that you don`t apply the ice pack directly to the knee.It will take time for your torn cartilage to recover completely so try to bepatient.

There are very severe cases of torn cartilage in the kneeand they need to be treated immediately. Surgeries are usually required in suchcases. There are two types of surgeries and they include meniscus repair andmenisectomy. The surgery may also consist of replacing the old meniscus withthe new one. Sometimes, the patient is required to use crutches for a couple ofmonths after this surgery. The whole recovery time from the torn cartilage inthe knee may take up the several months.

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