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Many people experience the pain in the inner part of the knee, which is also called the medial knee. This pain can be caused due to many causes and should be treated on time. There is a certain ligament that is surrounded by the cartilage and muscles and they together give the strength to the knee to be able to hold the body’s weight. This ligament is also responsible for the movements of the knee and when it becomes affected in some way, you may feel severe pain in the medial knee. The most common causes of this condition are various injuries, sports activities or overuse of the knee.


There are several causes of the pain in the medial knee and certain treatment can get you to the complete recovery of it. If you expose your knee to some kind of trauma or overuse, you may experience the medial knee pain. If you happen to tear or sprain the ligaments in the medial knee, you can also feel the same pain. Another cause of the medial knee pain could also be the injured muscle or the cartilage of the knee joint. In case of damaging the cartilage, you can make the excessive pressure on the knee, which will cause you to have the pain in the medial knee.

Sometimes, you can feel the medial knee pain due to the inflammation of the tendons or ligaments in the knee, which can lead to swelling, redness, and pain that can be severe or dull. For people who suffer from the pain in the medial knee, it could be difficult to move the knee and even do everyday activities like walking, running or jumping. There are also some people who can suffer from joint locking, which is a condition that causes people to have difficulties with straightening and bending their knee.


You should pay attention to the cause of the pain in the medial knee in order to be able to treat it properly. The best way to reduce the pain is to provide yourself with the rest by putting the pillow below your knee. You should also apply the ice pack on the knee, but be careful to wrap it in the washcloth previously. If you have the swelling in the mentioned area of the knee, you should elevate the knee in the level that is higher of the heart level. If none of these techniques helps you, then you should visit a doctor who may suggest you take the x-ray or MRI for the next diagnosis. Sometimes, physical therapy is needed for the best results of the treatment. You can also use some prescribed painkillers, you can try doing exercises, while in some cases the surgery is inevitable. The complete recovery time for the pain in the medial knee may vary from couple of weeks to couple of months.

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