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Information on Hummus

Hummus is a dip made from mashed chickpeas and is one of the most popular food items in the Middle East. The most common ingredients of hummus include cooked mashed chick peas, garlic, sesame paste, salt, lemon juice and olive oil. It is commonly served with tortillas, flat bread or pita bread. Other optional ingredients may include various spices such as cayenne pepper, paprika and red chili which are usually added to further enhance the flavor.

Hummus Nutrition Facts

Hummus has a wonderful taste and it is also an excellent source of essential nutrients. It is jam packed with folate, methionine, vitamin B6, monounsaturated fats, vitamin C, dietary fiber, iron and protein. It can be consumed as a dip or as an appetizer. It is usually served in pita bread but it can also serve as an integral part of various sandwich recipes. It can accompany the eggplant, falafel, fish or grilled chicken and it is most commonly served along tomatoes, crackers, cucumber, tortilla chips, cilantro, pickles, ful, whole chickpeas, caramelized onions, olives, mint leaves, sautéed mushrooms, cumin, sumac, olive oil, parsley, paprika and hard boiled eggs.

Hummus Calories

A cup of hummus contains approximately 435 calories, while 2 tablespoons of original hummus may contain up to 50 calories. A cup of commercial hummus may contain up to 415 calories, while each serving of 2 ounces of hummus spread contains somewhere around 110 calories. 2 tablespoons of Bruegger’s hummus contain approximately 60 calories, while the same amount of roasted red pepper hummus contains only 50 calories. 2 tablespoons of artichoke and garlic hummus contain only 45 calories while the same serving of spicy three pepper hummus contains only slightly more at 50 calories. 2 tablespoons of Greek style hummus may also contain up to 50 calories. The amount of calories ingested may also depend on the other ingredients and food items consumed along with hummus. A large white enriched pita bread contains 165 calories, while its whole wheat contains slightly more at 170 calories. A cup of ripe red cherry tomatoes contains just 27 calories. A cup of mature chickpea seeds contains 269 calories, while the same serving of raw garlic contains 203 calories. Each large raw baby carrot contains only 5 calories, while a cup of olive oil contains 1909 calories.

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