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If you walk into just about any supermarket you can find an aisle that is dedicated to the creams, lotions and potions. Many of which are specially designed for the purpose of anti aging. There are lotions, serums, masks, and peels made for the neck, the face and the eye areas. There are so many to choose from it makes the task of picking one very challenging.

Confusing Eye Creams

The ingredients have now become more and more complex and of course varied. Even if you make the effort to read the labels they can still be very confusing and we often end up buying the expensive options as we have no idea really which is the better option and presume expensive is the best. At the end of the day the eye creams will do one of two things, help with puffiness and/or help with dark circles. The majority will also target wrinkles as well as the sagging that can start to appear.

Eye Concerns

The majority of aging people has an issue with either dark circles around their eyes or puffiness. As a person gets older the skin around their eyes inevitably gets thinner and more fragile thus the appearance of aging shows more and more. If you have any concerns with aging around your eyes you should not use the usual anti aging face cream but instead use a cream designed specifically for the eye area as the skin is different there. This is because the face creams are often heavier thus can cause the symptoms of aging around the eyes to show more.

What to do about Aging Eyes

Plastic surgery is thankfully not the only option available for helping to prevent and reduce the signs of aging around a person’s eyes. When you go to choose your cream and/or serum you need to consider just a few factors and follow a simple plan. Firstly make a decision on what issue is most significant for you besides eye wrinkles, for example are you bothered about puffy eyes or are you bothered about the dark circles. Once you have decided you can then choose a product that has the active ingredients that will target and concentrate on that particular issue. If you want to target the puffiness search for ingredients like, caffeine, retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, copper peptides, and vitamin C. If you want to target the issues of dark circles look for ingredients such as vitamin K, kojic acid, and a skin lightening active like licorice extract or vitamin C.

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