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Facts and figures

As numerous public institutes point out based on their research studies, no less than 10 million people across the United States of America are known to have difficulties with excessive drying of the eyes, or as it is familiar nowadays, with the dry eyes syndrome. In case a person experiences certain unpleasant moments due to the dryness of the eyes, that person is most likely to also experience sporadic discomfort whose seriousness will vary and depend upon the severity of the already mentioned condition. This can turn into a real nightmarish experience, especially for those persons who are considering making a change from eyeglasses to a more subtle substitute, the contact lenses. And as many people have already experienced this, contact lenses do have the potential to make certain moments more than difficult to bear for the person in question. More specifically, those people who, prior to switching to contact lenses, have not had any trouble with keeping their eyes moist may start experiencing them, since lenses do tend to dry out person’s eyes in the course of time. On the other hand, if a person has dry eyes to begin with, then he/she will not experience the above mentioned unpleasantness, since a layer of tears that occurs in an eye will continue to occupy the area directly under the lenses. For those who are not that familiar with this, tears as such serve the purpose of an eye lubricant and aid in maintaining the person’s eye not only clean, but also wet and sterile. Those people who have problems related to the dry eyes are faced with a much more serious challenge, given the fact that, as soon as their eyes start dehydrating, the lens itself cause irritation and eye chafing. This sensation has been described unanimously by people as the one similar to having sand or something similar in your eye.

Common culprits

There exist a lot of culprits that induce the dryness of an eye, but perhaps the most prominent one is directly related to the eye lubricant composition. The tears themselves consist of water, oils, mucous and antibodies, each of which has a specific function to perform. Once, the balance is disturbed, the dryness occurs almost immediately. Beside this one, yet another common culprit is none other than aging, and this particularly goes for the members of the female population who are going through the menopause. Also, among the more frequent causers we often find numerous medications such as antihistamines and various oral contraceptives.

Advice and battling techniques

One of the fairly frequent techniques employed by many people who wear contact lenses is tilting a head back, eyes wide open and applying the wetting drops in that position. Another is to first remove, and then place contact lenses into a lens solution, leave them be for a specific period of time, and put them back. For those who find this too time-consuming, another solution is to buy lenses that are by default to be replaced at particular time intervals.

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