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Sunken Eyes

This problem is connected with tired and old looking eyes. This can cause a problem because you may appear to people as someone you are not. We will talk about the cause and the treatments that can be used for this kind of problem. The most popular cause for this condition is aging. When we come in certain age, the skin becomes thin and the problem presents itself. In this case, a surgery is needed to eliminate the problem.

When the fat is lost in the eye, blood vessels cause the sunken eyes. This problem can also happen because of the hereditary factor. We have mentioned visible blood vessels, and the reason why they are visible is because of the very thin skin located under the eye. The culprits for the creation of the sunken eyes are these blood vessels.


The most commonly used treatment is called fat grafting. During this procedure, fat located on one cell will be transferred to the other cell, which can be done on any part of the body. This procedure is very popular, it can reduce the problem caused by sunken eye greatly and it is done with the use of anesthesia. The doctor will evaluate the condition and administer the appropriate anesthetic. The most common are oral sedatives and local anesthesia. We have mentioned in which way this operation works. We take fat from a donor site. The most commonly used sites for harvesting fat are thighs, abdomen and buttocks. The fat is taken with a use of a needle. The fluid will be eliminated from the fat along with some cells which will be damaged. The needle will then inject only undamaged fat cells into the needed location.

When we talk about the pain experienced, pain is eliminated during procedure because of the anesthetics. Slight discomfort is possible after the operation. Some more serious problems may follow in post procedure. Swelling, bruising and serious pain are possible, but taking painkillers should help. Risks involved with this operation are cysts, infections, scaring and rarely calcification. Blood clots and internal bleeding may also occur. There is one problem associated with this procedure, and that is the longevity of the results. Some experience results during 3 weeks, while some experience it for 3 years, but this also depends on the experience of the surgeon. Remember that this operation is sensitive in technical manner, so before you decide to undergo this procedure, be sure this is something you want. Consult with a doctor who will give you all the pros and cons, because only then you will be able to come with a proper answer. Uses of topical solutions are an alternative treatment. RevitaLume is an efficient remedy that will make the blood vessels less visible and also the breakage of the blood vessels.

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