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There is a procedure that can restore healthy facial skinand it is called facial liposuction. We will get more familiar with thiscosmetic technique, which is very popular today. As we get older, the muscletissue causes diminishing of the facial volume, while the bones and skin size do notchange. This causes shrinking and the loss of skin, which further leads tothe creation of folds, baggy eyes, visible jowls, loose jaw line and wrinkles onthe skin. These problems can be reduced with the procedure we will be talkingabout.


Facial liposuction uses natural fat, which first has to be removed from thelower area of the neck or face, or other body areas, for making the skin lookhealthy again. The fat used is mostly acquired from the butt, thigh and abdomenregion, which requires an incision to be made so the fat can be sucked out through a device. This part of the procedure is done under a local anesthesia.Next step of the procedure involves the use of this fat, which is placed on thecertain areas of the face and this will provide the wanted results. Themost common areas of the face on which this procedure is done are chin, cheek,outer eyebrows and eyes, but lips can also be reshaped with this procedure.There are some side effects possible, like numbness, bleeding and bruising,after this one hour long operation. While the recovery usually lasts two weeks, the results will be visible only after 5 to 6 months, after which the face willlook young again.


There are people who are not happy with their facial features and this can leadto self-esteem or confidence loss. All of this can be avoided with a facialliposuction procedure, which uses natural fat unlike other alternatives. Thebody is accustomed to the fat, unlike the artificial substances, chemicals andfacelift procedures, which alternatives use. This makes the facial liposuctionprocedure more effective and the recovery shorter.


There are several factors, such as the quantity of needed fat, location and thepatient's health, which determine the cost, but the cost is usually around 2000$.Besides this, be prepared for fees for anesthesia, hospital charges and equipmentcharges, which are not included in the mentioned figure.


Sunken cheeks, cracked skin surface, skin lumps, bruising are some of the mostcommon risk involved with the facial liposuction. The person can experience areaction due to anesthesia, infection and excessive bleeding after the procedures, so it is best to find an experienced surgeon who will reduce the risk toa minimum. Before doing this expensive and risk involving procedure, find as muchinformation about it as you can. Also, consult a professional or your friends togive you advice.

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