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Plastic surgery for small toes

Many cosmetic surgeries are performed only to make an individual more appealing. Surgery connected with leg extensions is not the only procedure possible, because there are others that will also improve the appearance of your legs. One of the surgeries that is becoming quite popular is one during which toes are made shorter, so that sandals and similar foot wear may look better on. This eliminates the possibility of wearing shoes one size bigger or leaving a handing toe. In the past, this operation connected the toe joint, but now it is done quite differently.

Today's procedure leaves no scaring because of the tiny incision and the fact is that the joints and tendon are unharmed during operation. During this procedure that usually lasts for 35 minutes, the bone of the second toe is removed and pin is inserted. The patient will then go home and return after two weeks to have the pin removed. This procedure will take three months to be completed on every toe.

Complication of small toes surgery

Pain and deformity can occur because of this operation, whereas in some cases deformities such as hammer head or claw toe can occur as well. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes after the operation, since pressure and pain can be produced because of the rubbing inside the shoe. The feet will feel more comfortable in a shoe, while the toes will become straighter. Rubbing pain can be eliminated with the use of padding, while using insoles is also a good idea. The state of affairs will determine what operation will be needed. There are many anesthetic techniques available and the doctor will see which is the most appropriate. The operation may require toe straightening, placing joints in the proper place, tendons lengthening or even reshaping the bone. All of these are options and the doctor will know what is needed in your case.

Complications such as blood clots, bleeding, urinating troubles, infection, pain and scaring are possible, but these complications are possible with any operation. There are some connected tightly with the surgery for small toes and they are blood vessels and nerve damage, severe pain, ball of the foot pain, toe movement loss, recurrent deformity, and bone healing problems. After the operation, you will be able to go home, but the swelling may require even six weeks to reduce. Also, it is recommended to keep your leg in raised position during the first week. Exercising is advised as well. If the small toes are creating a problem to you, this operation is the answer. Be sure to check whether your medical insurance covers this operation.

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