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There are many possible treatments for theproblems of double vision or amblyopia. The eye deviation treatment can be doneby surgery also. Since the brain is responsible for the problem, by doing acosmetic surgery, you will not remove the problem. The treatment will have toconsider the brain factor. This cosmetic operation can provide a better lookingaligned and straight eyes, but the vision problems will remain. The successrate of this operation is between 30 and 80 percent. However, this percentageis not very correct since it involves the cosmetic surgeries as well.

Somedoctors performed a study of previous eye turn cases. In 408 patients of a popularstrabismus surgeon, von Noorden, the turn was seen after birth. This specialiststated that parents of those children have to be careful. They need to considerthe options and never rush with their decisions. Parents need to be educated aboutthe condition in order to produce a right decision. Knowing the risks andbenefits is important, and that is something they really have to do, beforemaking the decision. Parents will have to see whether the surgery will bringbetter appearance or vision. As with any other disease, you have to know alloptions and treatments. The possibility of the return of the problem is real. Wecan say that this is very common. So before making the decision, discuss the possiblenumber of operations with your doctor. The number may even be greater than five.But you need to know exactly where you are. The number of cosmetic surgeries whichare needed to give positive results with the alignment is around two. However, rememberthat, if you are going for the clear vision, for the success of this operation, both eyes have to be perfectly aligned. It is also necessary that the doctors makethe lenses and prism work together with eyes. After the surgery, the recoveryperiod comes next. During this period, it is important to visit the doctorregularly and follow the advice in detail, since the success of the whole operationdepends on it.

The age has a certain role in determining whether a surgery isneeded or not. In some cases, early operation can be crucial. The bestspecialist for this condition is behavioral optometrist. His advice should bepriceless. There are many studies which show that surgery is needed for thiscondition, and that other methods are fruitless. The vision therapy is the bestway for the perfect alignment. It affects the motor and sensory part of thebrain.

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