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Sweet Cravings vs. Losing Weight

Many people decide to lose weight; they redefine their lifestyles, foodconsumption, meals, choices of food they are going to eat and so on.They are prepared to sacrifice meat, oil and fat, all for the sake ofachieving their goals. However, while they may be on a dietinvolving eating vegetables only, they still may feel incrediblecravings for sweets and sugar, threatening to make all their effortsin vain.

Causes of Sugar Cravings and PossibleRemedies

One of the main causes of this problemis irregular eating. Namely, once you eat once or twice during theday, you are bound to use up all of your stored energy during theperiod between your meals. Your organism, needing this energy, startscraving for sugar. Thus, eat less but more frequently, givingyourself energy before you start desperately needing it.

Secondly, your diet has to involvecarbohydrates which will provide you with the necessary energy,preventing you from getting hungry, which is often a sensationmisinterpreted as cravings for sugar. Include baked or roastedpotatoes, whole nuts and grains, fresh fruit or carrots in most ofyour meals and you will get these needed carbohydrates, stopping thecravings for sugar. However, too many carbohydrates, especially ifthey are refined are not good, since these make your organism used tothem, craving for them in their absence. Include proteins in yourevery meal, stopping and slowing down these cravings. Also, avoideating too much salt and sodium in general, since this is known tocause these cravings as well.

Since your body only craves forthings you give it too often, try and swap sweets for fruit. Thereare many different types of fruit which are sweet, and you cancombine those making delicious deserts which will satisfy all yoursugar desires. Try to find natural alternatives for all the unhealthyfood you crave for and stick to them.

Finally, learn to listen to your body.If you are eating all the sweets you can find just because you aredissatisfied with something emotionally, stop it. Solve your problemsby solving them, not by overeating or starving. Also, all cravingsare mental, not physical. Thus, take control of your life and chooseonly what is best for you, solving your problems with adequatesolutions, not through excessive sugar intake.

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