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Substitutes that make one’s live much easier

When it comes to the substitutes for sugar, benefiting the most are such people who either suffer from diabetes or are on a strict diet plan. However, due to the presence of quite a number of such substitutes on the market, choosing the proper and most suitable one is often an extremely difficult task to accomplish. But this should, of course, not make one give up from the chase completely. What is needed is a bit more information on those most frequently used sugar substitutes, for this will certainly not only narrow down the choice but also enable one to opt for the most proper and healthy substitute. In this regard, more and more people have been choosing those natural solutions in comparison to those more conventional ones.

Nature to the rescue once again

Instead of unquestionably accepting the conventional ways, it is considered as a much more beneficial and safer to give it a go with nature’s remedies first. Such naturals that can be of immense help to people mentioned above are the following:

Honey, as well as honey crystals, is known as some of the most favorite substitute options for quite some time now. Not only are they tasty, but they are also extremely beneficial in terms of nutrition. However, in case a person is in a need of a low GI diet, this is not advisable since they contain high amounts of sucrose. Agave nectar is distinguished easily because of its honey caramel-like consistency. An important thing one should always keep in mind is that it abounds in fructose and therefore, it might not be a suitable option for persons who are on a low glycemic index diet regime. Corn syrup certainly belongs to the category of those quite easily acquirable sugar substitutes since it can be readily found in numerous eateries, as well as restaurants. As with the previous one, corn syrup is also known to contain great quantities of fructose, thus it ought to be consumed moderately in order to avoid any unwanted side effects and consequences.

Artificial “solutions”

Prior to opting for one, a person should make sure that the artificial sweetener such as, for example Equal, Sweet-n-Low or Splenda are actually beneficial and unobtrusive in terms of their effect on the person in question. Though quite a number of people is well familiar with the undesired health related side effects that the above mentioned products induce, they are still the bearers of FDAs approval stamp. Unlike these, certain varieties have been banned officially and it is those that people should avoid the most – Cyclamate and Saccharin. On the list of approved and safe alternatives, the leading spot is reserved for Neotame.

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