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Most of us have experienced the strange phenomenon of dreaming something you have read, seen or experienced while awake. For example, you may dream of something scary once you have watched a horror movie beforehand or played a violent video game. Either way, our subconscious mind gets affected by our conscious one and the actions we do. Once we fall asleep, the subconscious mind takes over and revisits some of the things that made an impact on us, even though we are not completely aware of the process. During our awareness, the conscious mind is in control of our behavior and perception in general. However, the subconscious mind remains active during this time, even though overshadowed. Therefore, it reproduces reality or fantasy while we sleep or daydream.

The Subconscious Mind

Subconscious mind is the mystery we still have not solved, affecting us nevertheless. Namely, it is the part of our brain which we are not aware of, affecting us and our decisions greatly. It lies below the conscious mind, influencing it. Yet, we are still to learn precise data about the functioning of this obscure mind and its true purpose. Until that happens, we can only enjoy or get amazed by the powers of this mind and the effect it creates upon our existence.

Subconscious Mind Control

So far, we have managed to find several ways of affecting and controlling our subconscious mind. One of these is through self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis or hypnosis in general, makes our subconscious mind open for suggestions. It lowers the defense lines of our conscious mind and changes the subconsciousness. Through modification of the subconscious mind, our conscious mind can later be altered too. This fact is used for helping people quit their nasty habits or manage to face their fears and obstacles in life.

Visualization is yet another method of reaching our subconsciousness. This skill can boost our concentration and, thereby, performance, through positive encouragement and visualization of victory even before a certain challenge in our life begins. A great example of this is visualizing yourself thin and good looking even though this is yet to happen. A great alternative is talking and thinking positive about life. If you believe that you can manage to do something no matter what, you have greater chances of actually being successful since your subconsciousness will motivate you.

Another alternative is meditation. Meditation deals with our problems by accessing our subconsciousness through relaxation and concentration. It makes our subconsciousness louder and helps us to understand our hidden mind, establishing a crucial balance which can guide us throughout our lives.

Finally, we need to listen to our intuition, because this is our subconsciousness talking. All in all, subconsciousness is very helpful and useful to us. Therefore, we need to nourish it and learn how to use it and make use of it, improving our lives.

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