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Misunderstandings about hypnosis

The Power of Hypnosis

Many people doubt that hypnosis is an effective way of dealing with one's problems. However, the fact that it has been present in the branch of alternative medicine for many years begs to differ. Hypnosis truly possesses the power necessary for healing many conditions and illnesses and dealing with many of their symptoms.

Basically, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are nothing more than techniques of accessing our subconsciousness in order to alter certain states of body and mind which are causing us harm. A hypnotherapist, therefore, is capable of leading us into the state of body and mind where we, completely relaxed, are deprived of critical and analytical judgment and open to various constructive suggestions which are all noticed by the subconscious part of our mind we are not even completely aware of.

Therefore, whatever we might not be capable of dealing with consciously, we might beat subconsciously, through hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Common Misconceptions

Some people, being judgmental and prone to prejudice towards the things they know little or nothing about, have some false claims related to hypnosis. Often, people believe that hypnosis is some kind of a brainwashing technique which is capable of forcing people into certain involuntary actions.

Of course, this is a false assumption. Hypnosis is nothing more that a stimulation of some of your existing desires. Therefore, you can get changed only if you truly desire these changes to take place. In fact, if your hypnotherapist started giving you suggestions you do not agree with during your therapy, you would immediately wake up from the state of hypnosis. Therefore, hypnosis cannot go against you in any way. Quite the contrary, it can only reinforce something you already want and know.

Another common misconception is that hypnosis and the very trance you are supposed to be in, so that the process can be successful, requires you to be sleeping. This is not true. During hypnosis, you are not sleeping. Rather, you are paying attention to everything that is happening, focusing on the therapist's voice. This is why some people cannot be hypnotized. You need to believe your therapist and be calm enough to get into the state of complete relaxation. Only then may you experience the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Finally, do not forget that hypnotherapy is a kind of therapy. This means that it has healing purposes and nothing else. Having said that, forget all about brainwashing, personality altering and other similar misconceptions. Accept hypnotherapy as something positive, being there to help you change for the better. Also, if you do not feel that you have been hypnotized after the therapy ends, this is because you are used to the feeling. Many times while we are daydreaming or simply wandering away in our thoughts, we are being affected by the state of hypnosis.

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