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Modern Times, Modern Measures

From the very beginning of theunderstanding of human perception and consciousness, we have beenstriving towards understanding our subconsciousness as well.

Namely, apart from the things werealize and the information we carefully select from all theabundance offered, there are impulses and suggestions which can enterthe subconscious part of our brain which is not selective and picksup on information whenever we are not paying attention.

This part of our brain influences ourpersonality, even though we ourselves cannot shape it consciously.Therefore, it has been used greatly in hypnosis and psychotherapy ingeneral, due to its power of helping people overcome their issues inthis field.

With the onset of the information era,where the majority of people spend the majority of their daily hoursin front of the computer, the branch of psychotherapy has evolved aswell, spreading onto this aspect of human lives as well.

Not All Is Seen on the Screen

When we choose to download a certaintype of software, we know what we are looking for beforehand and arecritically aware of everything we are doing, analyzing the piece ofsoftware, seeking whether it meets our expectations or not, reactingto it positively or negatively. Still, we are not capable of keepingtrack of everything that is happening on the screen, while we areconcentrated on something else.

This is where this new, miraculous wayof subconscious psychotherapy takes place. Namely, positive messagesmay be emitted through specific pieces of software. There areprograms which are set up to show these messages in an incrediblyfast way, making only our subconscious brain capable of receiving it.Thus, during our work, we are influenced by these positive messagesand suggestions, even though we are not aware of it.

Nevertheless, we are bound toexperience changes since our subconscious part of the braininfluences the conscious part. Therefore, if the message is, forexample, “believe in yourself”, and you subconsciously getexposed to it many times during the day, it is bound to influenceyour self-esteem in a positive way.

Thus, be ready to accept newtechnologies in medicine as well. We all evolve and change ourlifestyles significantly, with each generation to come. This way, weneed to modify our education, conduct an understanding of differentthings so that we can cope with the changes adequately and reap allthe benefits that these modern things bring. Stay open to computersand nurture the chance of getting treated successfully through meredaily exposure to this machines.

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