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The Brain Mystery

Since the very onset of the humancivilization, we have been admiring our own brains, accepting them ashighly mysterious organs which function without our complete control.On the contrary, we ourselves are controlled by certain parts of ourbrains we do not even understand. Thus, through various researchesduring the past years, we have managed to learn quite a lot about ourbrain, our nervous system and, thereby, ourselves.

One of the things we discovered is thatour brain has specific centers for almost every action we do. Sighthas a center, and so does hearing, balance, smell and all otheraspects of our existence. What is more, with time, these centers, ifwe train them correctly, get more and more developed. Therefore,musicians are likely to have a highly developed hearing part of thebrain etc.

Moreover, we now know that our braincontinues developing even after we reach our age of senility. Thishas helped our scientists understand more about the brain, beingcloser and closer to developing a connection between computers andour nervous system, possibly creating a completely new user interfacesomewhere in the future.

Also, our mind has its own subconsciouslevels, the ones which we are unaware of. These act when we areattacked by illnesses or any other signs of danger, reactingprotectively. Also, they contain experiences which guide us eventhough we are not completely aware of them.

This leads us to an aspect ofprogramming our subconsciousness so that we can deal with some of ourbad habits or personality issues. Many self-hypnosis CDs orhypnotherapy itself were created and developed for these purposes.

Controlling the Subconsciousness

Even though we have an illusion ofbeing capable of controlling everything about our mind, this is onlyan illusion. In reality, we are in control of only a small part ofour personalities and action. The rest is suggested from oursubconsciousness. Therefore, this presents an ideal ground forfurther research and, by learning how to address and modify oursubconsciousness, we can mend many problems we might be having andchange numerous things we do not like about ourselves.

Neurolinguistic programming,hypnotherapy and many other approaches are capable of modifying oursubconsciousness. However, this area is still under research and weare bound to be amazed with what the future of this kind of scienceand self-recognition has in store for us.

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