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Mind vs Mind

All of our actions are governed by either our conscious or subconscious mind. However, in order for us to function correctly, we need to have a balance between the two minds, forming an agreement between them. If our two minds were completely harmonized, we would not need psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, social workers, counselors or any other type of help in this respect.

Yet, our conscious mind, which has desires and wishes, often collides with our subconscious one, which regulates behavior and contains all the rules we are to follow. This collision results in mental problems we experience on a daily basis. So, instead of using only 11% of our brain, as many believe, we are probably using all of it. The thing is that we are not aware of the processes happening in our brain most of the time.

A great example of the collision mentioned above would be a person who, even though having problems with their parent, dealing with arguments and disappointments throughout his/her life, takes care of this person when he/she becomes old and incapable of taking care of him/herself. Upon being asked about the reasons behind their decision, this person would likely answer how you have to love your parent. Thus, the person is met with his/her conscious mind, saying how the parent hurt him/her many times before, wanting to live without this person and the subconscious mind, saying that parents should be loved. The outcome of this clash can be depression or some other form of psychological problems.

Therefore, we are not supposed to leave our subconscious and our conscious mind in conflict. This is bound to prevent us from being happy in our relationship and life in general.

A Possible Solution

Since our choices greatly depend on our subconscious mind, which is faster when we are making decisions, you need to balance it with your own desires. Otherwise, you will spend your life doing something you will later regret.

A great example of the agreement between the two minds is bringing a cuckoo clock home. If you set up the clock to wake you up at a certain time, you will wake up at first. However, your subconscious mind will trigger the awakening. However, if you engage your conscious mind to tell your subconscious one that this is only a device and that there is no need for waking up, eventually, you will be capable of sleeping and ignoring the sound of the clock completely.

Hypnosis CDs function the same way. They tell our subconscious mind how to agree with the conscious one. Once this happens, you can control your life completely, stopping addictions, overcoming fears, dealing with anxiety and rejection as well as any other problems in life.

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