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Hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming have shown great success in helping people overcome addictions such as smoking. Basically, anything that takes place in the subconscious part of the mind, like addictions or bad habits, can be altered and bettered through these two disciplines.

However, there is yet another interesting habit many people have, bordering on addiction. Nail biting is a ritual action which people perform habitually, destroying their nails and potentially risking developing infections. Here, hypnosis and NLP can be helpful as well.

Causes behind Nail Biting

First of all, every addiction or bad habit has a cause. Sometimes the main reasons behind our frustrations and nervousness which makes us bite our nails is located deep inside our subconsciousness. Only skillful hypnotists and psychotherapists are capable of reaching these areas of their patients' minds.

Nevertheless, we might not need to search that far for causes. Sometimes, it simply “feels good”. Thus, a lot of people bite their nails for this reason.

Either way, our mind has the power to block pain and many professional hypnotherapists have witnessed their patients getting relieved of pain during therapies. Thus, NLP and hypnotherapy can easily deal with something as simple as biting nails.

The Techniques

The three necessary techniques for helping people quit almost any possible addiction are anchoring, substitution and association. Association helps people linking their habits to something very unpleasant and with substitution, the habit itself can be replaced by a harmless one. As for anchoring, it connects physical movements with certain emotions and behaviors. So, this technique can be quite useful here as well.

In practice, through the association technique, the patient will be taught to connect nail biting with the most horrible tastes he/she has ever tasted, making the whole habit very unpleasant. Substitution, on the other hand, would replace the nail biting ritual with, for example, deep breathing and relaxation, which would, eventually, have absolutely the same effect as nail biting did. Finally, anchoring will remind patients that, each time their hand comes close to their mouth, they are not allowed to bite their nails, but, rather, take a deep breath in order to relieve themselves of tension.

Basically, the process is the same as the one used for helping people quit smoking. It shows the incredible power of NLP and hypnotherapy, being capable of helping us overcome many addictions which may be affecting our lives negatively. Find a good, experienced therapist and live without this unhealthy habit.

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