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Hypnosis is an altered state of the consciousness which is artificially induced in order to help the person deal with the emotional issues that they’re not quite ready to face consciously, and it also makes the patient more receptive to take others’ suggestions and guidelines.

And while hypnosis can’t really make the person spill their entire subconsciousness just because their state of mind is altered, it can help relieve much of the stress and the anxiety that one might be carrying around.

How does hypnosis exactly work?

Beforeexplaining the functioning of hypnosis, it’s imperative to mention that should one decide to try out hypnosis, they should first make sure that the hypnotherapist of their choice is actually as qualified as they claim to be. This is because lately there have been many con artists conducting the therapy based on what they saw in films. One should bear in mind that this is not a correct picture of what hypnotherapy should look like.

As for the functioning of hypnotherapy, simply put, it is like psychotherapy with the exception that the patient is unconscious. Here too the person comes to reveal their deep fears and emotional issues in order to overcome stress. The good thing about hypnotherapy is that it doesn’t have that barrier and hesitation when it comes to talking about things that are private and difficult to talk about because they are tied to some kind of pain and stress from the past.

How similar are hypnosis and meditation?

Thesimilarity between hypnosis and meditation is, in fact, fairly big. They both require being in a very unique state of mind and in touch with oneself which requires such focus and concentration that it can basically be regarded as an out-of-body experience.

On the other hand, unlike meditation, hypnosis is quite interactive and inquisitive. As for their purposes, they are sometimes similar to a certain extent, but other times they really have nothing to do with one another. The purpose of meditation is to clear the mind, relax and let go of the accumulated stress, as well as feel connected to oneself, in order to lead a peaceful and serene lifestyle. And while the part about letting go of the accumulated stress can also be associated with hypnosis, it’s not exactly always the everyday stress that one needs to get rid of with hypnosis. The technique is also used to help people who suffer from phobias, depression or traumas.

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