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The Power of Human Mind

We, humans, have still much to learnabout the way we think and perceive reality. Our brainsenable us to think and make different complicated mental processes possible. Yet, we are not aware of one third of thesemysterious processes. Thus, we live, sometimes surprised by our owndecisions, knowing not what drags us towards specific paths in life.

This is due to the fact that, eventhough we think with our conscious part of the brain, makingdecisions and issuing commands to our body and organism in general,this only makes for about 10% of our mental activities. The rest istotally subconscious and happens beyond our knowledge and awareness.

Still, there are situations in whichour subconscious mind is opened for suggestions from the consciousone. Then, we may be able to motivate our mind to change certainthings we do not want to accept, make certain habits or performvarious other modifications. This way, we get open to other thingsaround us, accept different views on reality and spread our knowledgeand farsightedness significantly.

Meditation has proven to be one of thebest methods for these purposes. Namely, through meditation, we becomecapable of getting into a state of relaxation, which makes itpossible to alter our subconscious part of mind, suggesting certaininformation which can make your life better, more positive andhealthier. Our mind is constantly bombarded by different information,being sent randomly from the world around us. Directing your thoughtsand suggestions like this, however, can prove to be more than useful,giving your brain the exact tutorship you want.

Facts about Meditation

Meditation, when you get more into itand manage to concentrate on a single thought for a longer time, willincrease your awareness and focus levels. This will make the energyyou spend on thinking more directly sent. Moreover, your thoughtswill be more effective this way. Still, it takes a lot of time andpractice until you reach this level of meditation.

Once you are able to “control” yourthoughts to the fullest, you should use them for motivation. Suggestsomething to your subconscious brain and it will remember it,motivating you later on, until you manage all you wanted.

Finally, meditation opens the door toemotions you were not even aware of. Then, you can find some problemsand issues which have been lurking inside you for ages, dealing withthem gradually and systematically, through relaxation and carefulstream of thoughts.

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