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The Mystery of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a very old method of subconscious implantation of ideas. In fact, it even dates back to ancient times. Yet, it was firstly used for medical purposes by Anton Mesmer in 1700s. This may use the power of subconscious suggestion in order to treat patients who were suffering from what was then named hysteria.

Namely, the doctor made his patients stand in a tub of water, holding a metal rod. While the patients were holding the rods, Mesmer was using his wand, waving with it, combining the process with specific words uttered. The result was a catharsis achieved by patients who were instantly cured from their mental ailments.

Thus, Mesmer used positive suggestion through a process of saying carefully selected words, earning the patent's trust. Basically, he helped the patients cure themselves.

Yet, his methods were rebuked by many, including Ben Franklin and, soon enough, Anton Mesmer's career was gone.

Nevertheless, later on, many other people began to practice similar method, even Freud had some endeavors into the world of hypnosis. Still, there was always an aura of mystery glowing around the art of hypnosis. In fact, even today, when most people hear the word “hypnosis” they think about mind control, brainwashing and other, negative things.

However, no one has managed to treat hysteria without the rods and the water tub. Moreover, today, we rarely suffer from this condition, which is connected to surviving traumas and shocks, making us deaf, blind, paralyzed or suffering from some other side-effect of our experiences.

Today's Hysteria and Hypnosis

Nowadays, we are no longer exposed to wars and the monstrosities of these inhumane acts that much. Yet, we still have our ways of being affected by stress. Usually, we develop bad habits, or suffer from ulcers, headaches, high blood pressure etc. Alternatively, we develop a behavioral disorder.

As for hypnosis, today, it is mostly used in the marketing industry. Covert hypnosis makes us buy certain products we see on the TV or on the Internet. Also, there are salespeople who use verbal suggestions for forcing you into buying a specific product. All in all, most of the hypnosis today is professional.

Either way, you need to have several factors taken care of, in order for hypnosis to work. Firstly, the suggestion you make must make sense and, secondly, the target must trust you.

Once these are covered, you might as well say “sun is shining, you will stop smoking” to someone and plant a subconscious suggestion which may help this person quit his/her nasty habit.

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