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The Great Misconception

Due to the influence of the media andpopular culture, many of us fail to understand hypnosis as a tool ofpsychology, psychiatry and medicine. Rather, through movies, showsand public performances, we are led to believe that hypnosis isnothing more than a charade, a false trick. On the other hand, thosewho are more gullible are led into believing the hypnosis issomething bad, where the hypnotist can enchant you and read yourmind, programming you to do things you do not want to or making youlose your mind completely. Of course, none of these believes givesjustice to the real form of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Rather, thisis a discipline which is far more complex and beneficial to the humankind that most of us are even capable of comprehending.

The Real Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

In order for one to enter a state ofhypnosis, he/she needs to be completely relaxed and focused on theprocedure. While in such relaxed state, your subconscious mind getsexposed to external stimuli, meaning that it can be altered so thatyou can be taught how to deal with certain problems. Usually, innormal states of affairs, this is not possible due to the fact thatour conscious mind blocks any suggested information, acting as aprotection. However, while under a state of hypnosis, yoursubconsciousness can be altered for your benefit.

Basically, hypnosis makes you open forpositive changes, thereby helping you deal with problems, overcomeanxiety, depression and many other issues which all stem fromfeelings and emotions buried deep in our subconscious mind. The process ofhypnotherapy can thereby be compared to a boosted will-power, makingyou capable of overcoming any of your current problems.

Finally, let us do a little checkup.Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis does not make you sleep, nordoes it throw you in a state of coma. Rather, while being fullyaware, it opens your mind for positive suggestions. Therefore, it provides you with guidance, without forcing or making you act againstyour will or beliefs.

Also, in order to be hypnotized, youneed to want to be. Being skeptical, gullible or frightened willstand in the way between you and the effectiveness of anyhypnotherapy. Additionally, this procedure is not magic, nor can itact as a quick fix. Rather, you usually need more than a singlesession in order for the results to appear. Furthermore, rest assuredthat all your secrets will be kept safe, unless you want to sharethem with your hypnotherapist, since this discipline has nothing todo with brainwashing or stealing thoughts, but with medicine andhealing.

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