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Stuffy nose remedies for babies

People can notice that if their baby has a stuffy nose he or she will be irritated a lot. However, there is almost no baby that has not gone through an inconvenience like this.It is very important that the parent treats this problem in its early stages. Babies can not tell how much pain this is causing them but parents need not worry much because this problem can be solved within minutes. A really important thing all parents need to know that a baby younger than three months of age can not receive any sort of drugs or medicines. These medications can help kids but they can make things worse if given to infants who are not older than three months. However, parents should not worry since there is a number of home remedies that can help with this problem.Stuffy nose remedy for babies – steam

When it comes to babies, probably the best way to get rid of the stuffy nose is via steam breathing or vapor bath. Phlegm that gets formed in the nose of a baby will become loose when exposed to steam. Apart from this, the steam will clear the nasal passage and make it more easier for the baby to breathe. For a vapor bath a parent should take the baby under a hot shower. The other option is to boil the water and then quite carefully hold the cup with boiled near the baby's nose. A parent can decide which option is safer and go with it.

Stuffy nose remedy for babies – saline water

This particular remedy is being used for toddlers. Parents can either buy saline water kit or make one at home. The ingredients needed for saline water remedy are a one cup of warm water and half a teaspoon of table salt. When mixed, they should be put in the baby's nostrils through a dropper. One drop should be enough for each nostril. The parent should make sure that the tip of the dropper is sterilized before he or she is going to use it.

Stuffy nose remedy for babies – suction device

The third option a parent can use to help the baby is to take the mucus out with the help of a suction device. Almost every pharmacy store should have a suction device for sale. Babies tend to move a lot when parents use this device so it is best that a parent has someone with him or her to help them. It is also good to use the suction device after the steam bath or the use of saline water.

There are lots of reasons why a baby may end up with a stuffy nose. Colds and allergies are only some of the causes. Even though a stuffy nose is not a thing to worry about, a parent should seek medical attention if none of the mentioned methods worked.

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