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Stuffy Nose at Night Characteristics

There are many different things whichcan cause one's stuffy nose during the night. Quite often, the maincause of this problem is an allergy or a case of a serious cold.Nevertheless, sinus infections or nose infections may be theunderlying causes as well. Either way, stuffy nose at night is causedby inflammation of the blood vessels in the membranes inside ournose. While this can be pestering and annoying for adults, a stuffynose at night may be an extremely dangerous, or even deadly situationfor a baby or a small child to experience. For all these reasons andplenty more, you are best to get informed about this phenomenon andlearn how to treat it timely, preventing any other problems fromtaking place.

Causes of a Stuffy Nose at Night

Sometimes, the conditions in yourdwelling may influence your stuffy nose. Namely, if the air youbreathe is too dry and so is the atmosphere you spend time in, themucus in your nose will get dry as well. This will lead to irritationof our nasal passages, triggering the whole stuffy nose situation atnight.

In cases of infections of the nasalcavity, we are bound to experience a stuffy nose, since, when we arein a horizontal position, the mucus located in our nose cannot beexpelled and it remains locked in our throat or nose, irritating thesurroundings, creating breathing difficulties.

There are cases where people who sufferfrom stuffy nose at night are allergic to some of the materials theyget in contact with. Also, some people may be suffering from adeviated septum, which is known to contribute to this problem.Finally, various respiratory infections, illnesses like cold and manyother conditions, all belong to this list.

Treatment of a Stuffy Nose at Night

An excellent way of getting rid of yourand/or your baby's stuffy nose is to treat it with saline solution.This is made from lukewarm water and salt. Once you make this, allyou need is several drops in each nostril. However, a less intrusiveway might be just to create steam in your bathroom by letting hotwater run for a while and then spend some time in such surroundingswith your baby.

Make sure you expose you baby to freshair in the morning, since this can be very helpful for his/herbreathing and nasal health. Increasing fluids and liquid food instuffy nose situations is crucial as well.

Additionally, in order to prevent dryair in your dwelling, use air humidifiers and keep your baby warm andcomfortable at all times.

As for adults, some of the abovementioned methods might work for them as well. Alternatively, theymight try keeping their head elevated during sleeping, avoidingsmoking, and taking some of the over-the-counter solutions for stuffynose problems.

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