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Being pregnant might be the one the best times of your life.However, many pregnant women might suffer with bloating, pain and cramps in the legs,and also with many different infections. As the rule, doctors don’t recommend usingany medications in first trimester of pregnancy, because it might causemiscarriage or harm the baby. After that, if there is a certain medicalcondition that has to be treated it is always recommended to use medications ifthe mother’s health is seriously compromised.

Congestion is one of those minor health problems that can bevery persistent, especially, in pregnancy. It may be but doesn’t have to beassociated with the common cold and this condition is known as pregnancyrhinitis. You can easily differentiate this problem from the common coldsymptoms: common cold is always followed by throat problems, coughing and/orsneezing. If you have any of this symptoms associated with the congestion youare having common cold. If not – it’s just pregnancy rhinitis. It usually happens just right after you finished all theproblems you’ve had with so-called morning sickness. Rhinitis of the pregnancycan cause problems during the day or night.

Women sensitive to allergens may experience worsening oftheir symptoms during pregnancy. That can also be the reason behind thecongestion for these patients.

Treat Congestion in Pregnancy

Obviously, pregnant women don’t want to use medications. Youmight want to try some steam to relieve your symptoms. The bath in warm waterwill be helpful in this situation, and the steam will help you to breath moreeasily. If you don’t have the time for bath, just spend some time in the steamybathroom. You can also use vaporizer with few drops of eucalyptus oil.

Pregnant women can use saline drops. Doctorsusually agree that few drops of saline won’t do you no harm.

There is something else you can do. There is neti pot, techniqueof nasal lavage using saline solution. It is known to help people withcongestion in very short time. The very pot, neti pot might look a bit strange topeople but this is a natural way to relieve your nose problems. Neti pot lookslike any other pot, just smaller in size. It should be filled with some warm(not hot) water and a pinch of salt. After that, tilt your head to one shoulderand back and pour the saline liquid to one nostril. The solution will gothrough the nasal cavities and resolve congestion.

How to Prevent Congestion

Drink plenty of fluids.

Moisturize your home with vaporizers.

Elevate your head while sleeping.

Always have some tissues handy.

If the congestion is really bad and you are more then three months pregnant ask your doctor for some nasaldrops.

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