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A vast number of people experience the discomfort of stuffy ears at least once during their lives. This problems caused by the growth of earwax does not happen only to children but it can happen to the adults just as well. This is not a big problem but almost every person will wish to get rid of it once it occurs. People need not worry much since there are various ways to solve this inconvenience.

Stuffy ears

In most cases, people who cannot find the time for personal hygiene are the ones who suffer from stuffy ears. This inconvenience is a common problem among people. Too much earwax is the cause of the problem and because of that people have hearing problems and in some cases experience severe pain. However, people should know that earwax is not the only cause of stuffy ears and there are various other factors that can cause stuffy ears. For instance, a lot of people experience stuffy ears when they travel in an aircraft. A lot of people relate stuffy ears to stuffy nose because in some cases people experience stuffy ears after a cold. Sinus infections and nasal allergies are also some of the common causes of stuffy ears.

Stuffy ears remedies

There are a fair number of remedies that people can use in situations when they suffer from stuffy ears. However, it is best that a person consults a doctor before trying any of the remedies.

A lot of people claim that hydrogen peroxide is the best remedy for stuffy ears. In order to get rid of the stuffy ears a person simply needs to pour some hydrogen peroxide with an ear drop into his or her ear. Washing the ear with water will only contribute to the clearing of the excessive wax. However, people who suffer from ear infections should avoid using hydrogen peroxide.

Another good remedy is olive oil. Before pouring it into the ear a person should warm the oil a little bit above the body temperature. Olive oil is good because it dissolves the wax.

Some people use a mixture of sesame oil and freshly grated ginger oil. After pouring a couple of drops of this mix a person should cover the ears with a cotton ball for 10 minutes. After that time a person should wash the ears.

In case when a person is suffering from stuffy ears because of an infection, he or she should increase the consumption of vitamin C. The vitamin will solve the problem by strengthening the immune system.

A person should not use all of the remedies at once but only one at a time.

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