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Nasal congestion remedies for children

Nasal congestion

Nasal congestion is popularly known and called stuffy nose. It appears when the nasal tissues and the blood vessels in this area become swollen due to excessive fluid, thus resulting in the stuffy sensation. There are many possible causes for the occurrence of nasal congestion, from simple common cold and influenza to some serious respiratory system disorders. There are also cases when people suffer from chronic nasal congestion although there is no evident cause. When that occurs, the condition is called non-allergic rhinitis.

When one suffers from nasal congestion, he/she may experience runny nose, although the nasal congestion may occur without this symptom as well. When nasal congestion appears in children, it brings a lot of discomfort for them, and it should be treated promptly in order to prevent some further complications, such as problems with hearing and headaches.

Home remedies for nasal congestion in children

The children with nasal congestion should take ample of rest, sleep, and drink a lot of fluids. The fruits, as well as vegetables, should be consumed since they will help in flushing the irritants out of the nasal cavity. It is recommended that the children should not consume tea or coffee. The frequent blowing of the nose is very important when the nasal congestion is in question. For the children who have problems with blowing, there is also a possibility of nasal suctions.

Among the effective nasal congestion remedies is the inhalation with hot stream, as well as the use of an air humidifier. When a baby has a problem with nasal congestion, the parents should insert cotton swabs in its nostrils since the cotton swabs tend to push the blockage into the nostrils of the baby. One of the remedies for nasal congestion in babies is to breastfeed them as much and long as a mothers can. However, when this breastfeeding becomes difficult, it is recommended to supplement it with Pedialyte, which maintains the babies well hydrated and makes the swallowing much easier.

When the nasal congestion occurs in infants and children, it is not always necessary to visit a doctor. If the child breathes without difficulty and is well hydrated, then the visit to the doctor is not needed and some of the above mentioned home remedies may help a lot. However, when the nasal congestion prolong and lasts for more than 7 days, as well as when the child has problems with breathing, then the doctor should be consulted.

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