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Baby Coughing

Seeing a baby cough can sometimes be very hard for the parent because they child is so small and it looks very painful for their small bodies. However, parents needs to be aware of the fact that colds and coughing are natural things for babies to get and a child usually gets in between six and ten colds each year.

So, there is no need to panic when a baby is coughing, because there are both natural and over-the-counter remedies that can help with this problem. However, it is important to note that over-the-counter products should not be used with a prescription for children that are under the age of two.


There are many potential causes of coughing in babies, some of which include common colds, croup for babies, respiratory viruses, asthma, allergies, irritants, sinusitis, swallowing something, or even cystic fibrosis. Remedies

A good natural remedy for a baby cough is herbal tea. There are many kinds of teas that can be effective in treating coughs in babies and they will help the child get rid of the mucous that could be causing the cough.

A simple lemon tea will be effective, just take one teaspoon of lemon juice and one of a natural sweetener and mix it with hot water. Be sure to use a sweetener, not honey.

An herbal rub is also a good solution. Make one by mixing three to four tablespoons of olive oil and two drops of essential oils like sage or rosemary and then apply the mixture to the baby’s back and chest and keep the child covered so that the oils can heat up and vaporize.

Steaming is also great, for babies and adults. However, steamers are too dangerous for babies, instead run some hot water in the tub and then take the baby into the bathroom to breathe the steam that is produced.

A humidifier can also be useful. Add some sage or thyme oil to it and put it in the babies room and it will probably improve the comfort of the baby while sleeping.

Saline drops are another good solution because they help to clear clogged nasal passages.

Believe it or not, sucking on a lollipop can also help the baby deal with a cough. It will stop the cough, reduce the pain and help moisturize the throat as well.

If the baby’s cough is being caused by croup, then the best remedy is to allow some cool air into the babies room at night and to wrap it up in a warm blanket so that, letting the baby breath the cool air for about an hour.

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