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Constipation is one of the problems that can be treated with prune juice even among babies. We will see which other benefits babies can experience from this juice. Babies have a problem of constipation very commonly, usually because food digestion and consumption is something they need time to get used to. It is very common for a baby to pass a stool after every meal. One month old babies experience this, but constipation is a problem that targets a bit older babies as well. It causes problems to the babies who then begin to vomit, cry and have dry and hard stools. But do not be alarmed if you haven't seen a passing of the stool for several days, since this happens a lot with older babies. Natural laxatives, leg exercises and tummy massages are some options for treating this problem. You can also try using a prune juice. This juice is rich in fiber and it is also soft, and this abilities help with the constipation. It is very good food for babies.

Causes of Infant Constipation

One of the causes is the formula based milk, which can lead to constipation, pain and stomach problems. Consumption of solid foods can also lead to constipation. Some of the foods known to cause such problem are potatoes, breads and bananas. The stomach problems are created due to the complex food processing, which is something that the babies are not used to in this period. Milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products can cause constipation among babies. This is associated with the excessive consumption of these food items. Insufficient intake of water can lead to constipation due to the non-moisturized digestive tract. The bowel movement is slowed down and this causes constipation.

Prune Juice

We have mentioned prune juice as a good natural remedy for infant constipation. This remedy can be given only to babies who are older than six weeks. In order to make this juice, steam the prunes first and then use a pulpier and remove the puree. This will give you a good remedy rich in fiber. This juice has laxative abilities as well, but remember to dilute the juice with water before giving it to the baby. Mix in equal amount and never add sugar. Two times a day the baby needs to consume this juice. There cannot be any alteration to the baby's diet when you start the treatment with prune juice. Remember to include exercises, like leg cycling, massage the baby's tummy, give enough water and give pears, plum, peaches, and other foods rich in fiber.

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