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Babies and Stuffy Noses

A situation where a baby has a stuffynose is quite a common one, especially with young, inexperienced parents. Just a small mistake such as leaving a wettowel on your baby after bathing him/her can be enough for thisproblem to take place. Luckily, there arespecific methods which can help you deal with these situationswithout any excessive worries and troubles. If you are interested inthese methods and want to help your baby with this annoyingproblem of having a stuffy nose, read on.

Remedies for a Baby's Stuffy Nose

One of the best possible cures for thisproblem can be steam exposure. Therefore, exposing your child to steam may lead to the end of your troubles. Next, is almond oil, which is possibly the best thing forthis, as well as other purposes. All you have to do is put two orthree drops of this miraculous remedy up your child's nostrils. Uponwaiting for an hour or so, you will notice that your baby isbreathing freely.Additionally, you might use almond oil externally, for providingcomfort during cold, sore throat and other problem. Just rub it intothe troublesome spots and witness the heat rushing throughout yourskin and the rest of your or your child's body.

Saline solution is another excellentcure for this condition. All you need to do is mix some sea salt withwarm water and pour it into the congested nose. This solution willfree the nasal pathways once again, making it possible for your babyto breathe without constraints.

Prevention is always the best cure.Thus, make sure you take good care of your child, making sure it iswarm during colder parts of the year, providing adequate clothes andblankets, not letting him/her bathe for too long and keeping the babycompletely dry after the process.

Additional, alternative methods ofdealing with stuffy noses of your children may involve inhalators.Also, since the problem might be caused by dry air in your dwelling,you might consider buying air humidifiers.

Finally, if all else fails, the bestpossible choice might be to seek medical assistance. Do not wait,since this can only make things worse. Once you realize that yourchild's condition is not getting better no matter which of the abovemethods you use, pay your doctor a visit.

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