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The Power of Music

Music, being an art which has sound as its medium, has been with us since the very beginnings of human civilizations. Therefore, it is a factor which is incredibly important culturally as well as emotionally. People write music in order to express themselves. The listeners relax and find themselves through other people's music too, thus making a never-ending circle of this wonderful art.

Almost anything can be considered music and these attitudes have changed a lot throughout history. Namely, there were times when perfect harmonies and artistic melodies have been considered obligatory for a tune to be called music. However, today, in these postmodern times, any sound can be considered music. It is all a matter of cultural influence and preference regarding music, since silence, as many believe, does not even exist.

Nevertheless, the relaxing factor which many musical compositions bear within them is what causes most of the people to listen to it. Thus, often, music is used effectively, as a stress relieving device, helping people forget about their daily frustrations and enjoy their serenity, stimulated by their favoritetunes.

Music vs Stress

Music preferences, as it was mentioned above, vary usually with the age of the listeners. Thereby, children like rhymes and children music, the elderly enjoy classical pieces while younger members of the population find themselves in faster, groovy compositions. Additionally, not a single soul can deny that sounds of nature are relaxing, even when you listen to them through your speakers.

The majestic connection which takes place once a musical compositions reach you manifests through a decrease in your heart rate and breathing intensity. You can almost feel the stress getting out of your body, being swapped with the pleasant tunes of your favorite music.

Moreover, there are individuals who prefer to play their own music for stress relief. Musicians, through composing and performing, find the relaxing, artistic expression which helps them enter the reviving and refreshing power of music. Here, touching the strings, keys or whichever instrument you are playing, adds on to the serenity of your experience and the delicate, yet incredible, power of this amazing art.

Another confirmation of this potential of music is the fact that it is used in many situations. For example, we have music in supermarkets, helping you relax and concentrate on your choice of products. Also, your dentist may increase your pain tolerance through playing relaxing music.

All in all, music is a part of us, a creation coming out of the deepest, most wonderful, parts of human personality. Therefore, it is no wonder it has such incredible healing power.

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