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Stress at work is one of the mainenemies of modern men and women. Companies are loosing large amountsof money paying their stressed out workers treatments while more andmore working people take antidepressants on a regular, daily basis.Depression is only one of the results of excessive amount of stress“at the office.” There are numerous other scenarios presentingthe outcome, early death or mental instability being some of theworst. Stress at work however, consists of many smaller disturbances,frustrations and numerous other things which combined togetherincrease pressure and eventually lead to one's breakdown.

Causes of Stress at Work

Working too hard or hardly working atall can both lead to stress. Often, there is poor organization ofwork to be done, and some people end up doing more than they can,ending up stressed and frustrated. Impossible deadlines only add onto the amount of stress involved in the working process. Managers andemployers should divide work equally and should employ more people ifthe current number proves to be insufficient. Unfortunately, thisrarely happens.

Another cause of stress is constantinterruption. Namely, if a worker is unable to concentrate on his orher work since he or she is being endlessly distracted by phonecalls, messages, additional tasks and many other things, he or shewill get stressed out. Stress reduces concentration and therefore thequality of the work itself significantly. Additionally, lack ofinformation given to the worker combined with all the stressfulcauses mentioned above, only make things worse.

People tend to perceive work as fightand competition. People step over other people in order to get thejob in the first place. After they do that, they constantly need to provethemselves to their superiors in order to keep their work placetheirs. Their co-workers are often their enemies, since the onlything which binds them is the competition itself. This view of lifeand work is incredibly stressful. Furthermore, the mere fact that itis also reality makes it even worse. People should concentrate onteam work rather than trying to stab each other in the back for thesake of money. Materialism tends to remove all the features whichmake us human, leaving only envy and stress.

Stress comes with work if the workerdislikes what he or she is doing. Bad working conditions, andunsuitable jobs all make an unhappy and frustrated worker.Additionally, lack of both positive and negative feedbacks gives birthto uncertainty and doubt. Superiors should recognize and appreciatethe achievements of their workers. That way, those working willcontinue giving their best. Finally, communication and co-operationbetween workers and their superiors provides a creative environmentand ensures maximum productivity with minimal amounts of stress.Talk, rather than order, listen rather than demand, and you willhave a satisfied and valuable workers.

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