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Anxiety and Stress

Usually, when we talk about anxiety andstress, we consider them equal. However, this is not a correctviewpoint. Rather, we should know that there is a clear differencebetween anxiety and stress.

Namely, stress is something derivedfrom the pressure we have been exposed to. Thus, it is heavilyinfluenced by external factors. Anxiety, on the other hand, possiblydirectly influenced by stress we have been exposed to previously, isa state of mind where we feel nervousness or dread, fearing thingswhich have not yet happened, being very pessimistic and havingnegative attitudes interwoven by frustration and fear. We usuallyknow the reasons behind stress. With anxiety, however, we do not knowwhy we are nervous, but we are, excessively.

As far as anxiety is concerned, thereare many causes behind it. There are claims that it is a geneticthing, transferred through family. However, there is also a chance ofbeing an anxious person if your parents have been anxious andnervous, due to the fact that you have been observing their behavior,looking up to them.

All in all, both stress and anxiety areheavily subjective and affect different people, depending on theirthoughts and perception of the world. Thus, some people react tostress through experiencing sweaty palms and shaky hands, while somego to the extent of vomiting, fainting or suffering from anxietyattacks.

Anxiety can be good, when experiencedin moderation, only occasionally. However, in the long run, it canhave catastrophic effects on our health.

Fighting Stress and Anxiety

One of the most commonly usedtreatments for stress and anxiety are medications. However, theseusually cause more side-effects than actual positive effects, being,therefore, a bad choice.

Many people claim how a good lifestylechange can be all you need in order to fight off anxiety. Exercisingregularly can trigger the release of endorphins, our body's naturalpainkillers, which can remove stress and anxiety, making you feelrelaxed and healthy.

Finally, many people have managed tofight anxiety through hypnotherapy where their attitudes are changedso that they take a different outlook on life. Moreover, there is aspecial branch of psychotherapy, called neurolinguistic programming,where patients are taught how to reprogram their patterns of thought,making themselves more resistant to anxiety and stress. Thus, youhave plenty of methods to choose from, make sure you choose wiselyand get rid of stress completely.

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