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Since we always tend to introduce to people those more medical and thus more exact definitions to certain terms, illnesses, disorders and alike states, this time the emphasis will be on more down-to-earth definitions, in this case the one related to anxiety. Putting those medical and psychological terms aside for a moment, the condition in question can also be described as a state characterized by continuous worry, accompanied by tension that tends to put a tremendous pressure on the person in question. On the other hand, anxiety as such can also be viewed as the way in which our body attempts to alarm us to get ready for the dangerous and potentially harmful moments that might come quite soon. This, of course, is that more humane side of anxiety. However, once this becomes all too frequent in nature and starts to accompany the person in question on almost each and every step of his/her daily life, then one should seek the ways to neutralize it.
Psyche at work
If we take present time as our reference, then it could be said that the anxiety that tends to occur is more psychological than physical in nature. And in comparison to the times long gone, and those of the more recent history, we can safely state that in present time people are exposed to stress and anxiety to a much greater extent than before.
Nature's ways
Many would argue that there are actually no better and more effective methods than those promoted by science and medicine, to be more precise. But what needs to be taken into serious consideration in this regard, is the abundance of known and also unknown side effects medications can induce. Needless to say, of course, that their impact on the person’s health can be more than harmful and in some cases, seriously life-threatening. On the other hand, those remedies that we are gifted with by nature itself, when employed properly, offer a person a bundle of benefits. This is the case in remedying anxiety as well, for natural remedies have, in this regard, proven their might over the conventional ones.
Nutrition – such food varieties as chicken, tuna fish, mushroom, salmon are known to abound in niacin, vitamin B3. This is important to remember since anxiety is in quite a lot of cases brought about by lack of the aforementioned. In addition, dried pumpkin seeds, as well as those from the sunflower and sesame, spinach, soybeans and lentils are extremely rich in magnesium known to be vital for its tranquilizing effect on the brain muscles.Herbs such as passionflower, Kava kava, catnip, valerian, lemon balm, as well as skullcap are beneficial.Mind, body and soul – yoga, Tai chi.

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