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Devastating Statistics

Researches show that around 18 percentof the entire American society suffers from a certain form of a phobia.Phobias, for that matter, are uncontrollable and unreasonable fearsof things which other people do not consider a threat. However, forpeople with phobia, their anxiety and panic triggers are more thanjust scary or uncomfortable since exposure to phobias or eventhoughts about these things may lead a person to a panic attack,concentration issues, breathing difficulties and various otherproblems.

There are many different kinds ofphobias affecting many people uniquely or following a certainbehavioral pattern. Either way, it is a group of conditions which arequite hard to deal with. Usually, people with phobias, do their bestto avoid their triggers. Thus, those who fear heights are likelynever to climb mountains, live on high floors etc. Also, those whofear insects will never go on a field trip, enter naturalsurroundings like woods and such. However, this is a bad protectiontechnique since running away from a fear does not make you beat it.Rather, it only prolongs the effect of a phobia and amplifies whenyou finally get exposed to your triggers.

Possible Cures for Phobias

Taking action is the best move.Therefore, if you are having problems with a phobia, you should seekmedical assistance. Sometimes, it is best to visit a mental healthprofessional and explain your problems. Then, after series ofquestions and analyzing, you are likely to be prescribed with atherapy.

The therapy itself may consist of manydifferent things. For example, many people fight phobias withsedatives or other medication which is capable of calming peopledown. Others use talking, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programmingor systematic desensitization.

Sedatives and drugs in general are notthe best possible treatment since these deal with the symptoms ratherthan concentrating on the cause of the phobia itself. Moreover, thereare many side-effects a person has to deal with once he/she is usingdrugs against phobias.

Hypnosis, however, is known to be morethan helpful in these situations. Nevertheless, in order for thiskind of treatment to be possible, the patient needs to be in a stateof complete relaxation which is a bit hard to accomplish with peoplewho have phobias since they are constantly in a state of alertness.

Exposure is sometimes the best possiblecure. However, it has to happen gradually. Let us say that we aretreating a person who has phobia regarding insects. Firstly, he/shewould need to imagine an insect nearby. Then, once he/she feelscomfortable with the image, he/she is to hold a photo of some kind ofan insect. Eventually, the real thing is to be brought before theperson, helping him/her overcome the phobia once and for all.

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