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Snoring as we know it, is not a problem by itself, but can be a serious sign of a sleep apnea, and it is very important that a person who is suffering from this type of behavior is checked by a specialist in this particular field of expertise.

Snoring occurs when a regular flow of air is obstructed by excessive tissue within our upper respiratory system.

There are two known treatments that a person suffering from this kind of disorder can undergo in order to stop from snoring.The one that is more painful to recover from includes general anesthetics and includes at least three days of staying in the hospital, is called uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, or shortened UPPP.Since it is very painful to undergo such a procedure, most of the snorers would not participate in such a procedure because it wasn’t them who had suffered but their partners.These days we have what is called laser assisted uvulopalatoplasty, or shortened LAUP.

This procedure consists of three to five visits to our specialist. In this procedure no tissue is actually removed, but rather than that, it is systematically scarred and shrunken until the wanted effects are achieved. However, it has to be done very carefully and methodically, because, if not careful during the procedure, it can be overdone and a patient may encounter problems concerning swallowing or even nasal fluids and nasal speech.Some of more “up to date techniques” do not acquire several visits to the specialist, but surprisingly just one, since the invention of “the cold laser”.

The modern procedure of a laser treatment lasts about thirty minutes, and it is done while the patient is sitting upright and awake. The procedure is done individually, since patients do not have identical irregularities within heir bodies. The only side effects that can occur, is a sore throat, or in some cases liquid overflow while bending over a fountain to have a drink of water, which is know to pass after a few weeks when the body assimilates with the changes.

The LAUP procedure is a revolutionary one as it not only requires only one visit to the specialist, but it is also three to four times cheaper because it does not require three to five visits to the specialist no more. This procedure is also very successful, considering that the rate of success is about 97%, and almost none of the patients who undertook the procedure have missed hardly a one day’s work.

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