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Ruling out the Past

Lobelia is a plant which was discoveredand widely used in the medicine of Native Americans. Moreover, duringthe 1800s and the 1900s, it has been implemented in the medicinebranch of the white people as well. Namely, this plant is known for itsability to provide relief to asthma patients. Also, since itsearliest use, it has been intended for inducing vomiting in people.This latter quality of lobelia is due to its power of cleaning therespiratory pathways and expelling any unwanted substances from theseareas.

Nevertheless, as medicine evolved,lobelia was thought to be an excellent, healthy and harmlesssubstitute for tobacco which is known to cause numerous health problems in thelong run. Unfortunately, after some tests being performed, this plantwas labeled useless for these purposes and it has been more or lessneglected and avoided ever since.

A Change of Opinions?

Nowadays, science revokes the power oflobelia, having high hopes about it. This is due to a presumptionthat this plant reduces the amount of dopamine, a pleasure hormonetriggered by nicotine. Thus, by taking lobelia we would decrease theamount of pleasure cigars and cigarettes provide us, making it easierfor us to quit this nasty habit. Regardless, little is known aboutthe connection between dopamine and the substances from the lobeliaplant, preventing any plausible claims until this relation is proven.

Also, even though lobelia might help,one needs to be extremely careful about its dosage, since anyoverindulgence may lead to numerous side-effects. Its negative, andpossibly toxic effects may involve dry mouth as the best possibleproblem, all the way to seizures and coma being the worst casescenarios. For these reasons, you cannot get lobelia prescribed whenpaying your doctor or physician a visit. Rather, you may obtain itfrom a herbal store or similar shops, selling these kinds ofproducts.

Additional Things about Lobelia

Once you decide to purchase this plant,you may choose from capsules, dry leaves for tea or liquid extractsof this plant. In all cases you need to be careful about the dosage,as it was already mentioned above. Also, people who suffer from somekinds of kidney, respiratory, heart or cardiovascular diseases shouldnot use lobelia at all. The same goes for people who experienceseizures often and pregnant along with breastfeeding women.

Finally, due to its unknown way ofaffecting us, people are advised not to combine lobelia with anymedications or anti-nicotine therapy including the nicotine patchesand similar products.

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