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Smoking Cessation and Hypnosis

Many people are unable to quit smoking.This impossibility can take place for several different reasons.Namely, they develop addictions, both physical and psychological,which prohibit their plan for cessation. If you try to quit, yourorganism will engage into a withdrawal period, torturing you withvarious symptoms of smoking cessation. During this period, you willbe troubled by an extreme desire to smoke, since smoking will relieveyou of the troublesome symptoms related to quitting. These symptomsmay be related to your body, where you will feel nervous, nauseousand be prone to vomiting, headaches, sweating etc. Also, you willsuffer from mental manifestations of your addiction, craving forcigarettes due to previous habits, being nervous if you cannot smokebefore sleeping, while drinking coffee, after eating and on similar,ritual, occasions.

Of course, you need to overcome allthese things and manage to live without cigarettes once again.Naturally, this is not an easy process and many are incapable ofmanaging on their own.

In these situations, hypnotherapy hasproven to be more than useful. Namely, through hypnosis, you will becured subconsciously. Your habits will be erased, as well as yourcravings for cigarettes and all the connections you have made betweensmoking and feeling happy and satisfied.

The Self-Hypnosis Therapy

Self-hypnosis is an excellent methodwhere you can help yourself to stop smoking completely. With thiskind of therapy, you can alter your subconsciousness and remove anydesires for cigarettes. However, before being able to do so, you needto be in a state of complete relaxation and follow the tips below.

You must not be distracted in any way.Thus, you need quiet surroundings, where you can indulge intoself-hypnosis without obstructions or distractions.

Sit or lie down, while, at the sametime breathing deeply and evenly and imagining some serene images,visualizing peace, serenity and relaxation. Make sure you relieveyour body and mind of stress and be completely in a state of rest.

Then, start changing your attitudetowards smoking. First, you might present yourself with all thenegative aspects of cigarettes and the fact that they are spendingyour money and destroying your health and overall well-being. Then,think about all the benefits of living without smoking. Visualizeyour organism regenerating and becoming healthier, your taste, smelland other sensations boosting etc.

Once you suggest these things to yoursubconsciousness, awake yourself from the state of rest. Later on,you are to repeat this procedure often since only through repetitivesuggestions can you completely change you negative habits. Thus, staypersistent, believe in yourself and teach your mind how to quitsmoking successfully.

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