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Everybody has had the chance, ifnot to feel it on his own skin, but to the witness people complaining of the neckpain due to stiffness, as well as to the awkwardness, which is the directconsequence of a fairly unbearable condition. The nature of neck stiffness makes it almostimpossible to go about your regular business and activities, and can make eventhe easiest of movements a real “pain in the neck”. One of the ways to battle this unpleasantnessoff is to ask help from the good old home medicine ways. Namely, what a personshould do right away is alter all his/her habits which directly, or indirectly,lead up to the occurrence of the stiffness and pain accordingly. What needs tobe emphasized is that the changes should be put to practice as soon aspossible, for in case this pain gains on its intensity, there can also occurmany other just as unpleasant conditions as the neck stiffness, first of all weaknessin the arm area. And this is not something a person would feel ecstatic and happy about at all.

Most common culprits to be blamed

Just like any condition, stiffnessin the neck region and the resulting pain are most often the directconsequences of a muscle strain or muscle pull. In addition, there exists a widerange of situations and activities that can bring about the occurrence of thisproblematic ailment. Some of them are spending quite a long time in oneparticular awkward position – bent over the desk in your office for hours, orsitting in an awkward position on your office chair, also improper postureduring those hours when a person is socializing with his/her TV and computer aswell, even while reading a book. Also spending your night’s time rest in aposition that does not suite you is yet another common cause. In addition,sudden turning of the neck and twisting can also be held responsible for thestiffness and intense neck pain.

Home treatment techniques

Compresses/padsare known to have a tremendous potential to relieve stiffness, as well as the accompanyingpain, and are also quite effective even in the case of a more serious andintense pain in the neck regionInorder to give your neck a time to rest and gather its strength, a person shouldkeep off from any physical activity for at least a couple of days all the wayto two weeksIncase a pain becomes too unbearable, one of the ways is to employ the painkillers as wellNeckstretches, done in an unobtrusive and gentle manner aid significantly indecreasing the stiffness and the pain tooGentlemassagesChange the pillow and the mattress, if they are the cause of your trouble

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