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Constant headaches and neck pain are the common complaint of many people around the world. Even though these two medical issues may develop due to incorrect body posture while working or sleeping, in some cases constant headaches and neck pain may also indicate a serious underlying condition.

What Causes Constant Headache and Neck Pain?

Many times these two problems can be closely related to maintaining incorrect posture of the neck, and the entire spine. People whose jobs require prolonged sitting and spending many hours in front of the computer frequently complain about the mentioned ache. The neck muscles may be excessively strained. This can consequently put too much pressure onto the occipital nerve, a nerve that passes through the neck muscles. As a result, people start to feel headaches accompanied by neck pain of different intensity.

Another potential cause of constant headache and neck pain is poor lightening. Working under poor working conditions, when the light is not sufficient enough for one to see properly may eventually lead to eye strain and strain of the muscles of the forehead.

One medical condition called temporomandibular joint disorder is in almost all cases characterized by neck pain and stiffness and may be additionally a source of headaches. Finally, the two problems affect people suffering from more complex conditions. For instance, constant headaches and neck pain are characteristic for migraines, cluster headaches, meningitis etc. Head injury or head trauma also induce pain in the neck as well as prolonged headaches.

Can Constant Headaches and Neck Pain be Prevented and How to deal with It?

The answer to this question is yes, but only in some cases.

Namely, headache that stems from neck problems generally does not last more than several days. It can be prevented in the future if one pays close attention and try to change the position of his/her head frequently during working hours. By doing so he/ she will reduce pressure onto the neck muscles and prevent the occurrence of pain. Furthermore, people whose job is problematic may benefit from appropriate neck exercises some of which can be even performed at work while others should be done on regular bases when one is at home.

Regular exercises are particularly good because they make the neck muscles stronger and less prone to become stiff or strained.

In individuals in whom the problems originates from stress and anxiety, the major benefit is achieved with relaxation techniques.

Normally, if one has had a recent head injury and headaches do not stop or neck muscles remain painful, he/she should consult a health care provider as soon as possible.

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