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Overall Facts

Stiffness in the area of the neck and the neck itself is initiated by the tightening of the muscles situated in the neck, specifically the one referred to as levator scapula – the muscle that is vital to establishing the connection between the shoulders and the neck. In many cases, the neck stiffness is directly related to the occurrence of pain, as well as unpleasant feeling in the neck and the surrounding area.

Most Common Causes

In most cases, the causes themselves are not that grave in nature and are also quite frequently warded off and completely relieved by employing rather uncomplicated remedies in the comfort of one’s home. Despite its not so serious nature, on the other hand, stiff neck can also be a sign of some underlying and more severe medical condition. The greatest majority of people have, at one point, experienced this kind of body pain early in the morning, upon getting up from bed. The most frequent culprit for these particular bouts of stiff neck is, as many would have guessed at the start, the improper way of sleeping during nighttime. Though it has been already mentioned that it can be fairly easily treated, in case this stiffness of the neck persists for quite some time, then the person in question should take this as a rather serious sign of the presence of some other more serious condition. What should also be born in mind is that the underlying causes of one’s stiffness of the neck will unfortunately not coincide with those of another person. Despite this, one thing is certain and common, i.e. that taking up of a particular treatment as soon as possible is vital to avoiding a lot of uneasiness and the occurrence of intense pain.

Improper sleeping – spending your nighttime rest in a position that does not suit you or you body is considered to be one of the most common culprits for the occurrence of stiffness in the neck. Another reason is the lack of a cozy and proper pillow, as well as sleeping during the day on a couch or in an armchair. Accident/Injury – another quite common cause of stiff neck is a sudden movement affecting the neck of a person, most of all during some hyperactive physical activities, sports etc.

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