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This particular face related condition is not only awkward and unpleasant, but also quite painful and serious in nature. The main reason for its seriousness is that it may be an indicator of some even more severe condition or illness that is health damaging to an even greater extent. People suffering from this condition quite often feel nothing when they lay their fingers on their face, absolutely no sensations whatsoever, or in some cases, unordinary deformities on the skin of the face are felt, including the lips of a person in question. This condition also has a formal name of face numbness and is most often caused by tiny things such as a smaller injury to the face, and even improper sleeping position. This type of numbness is of a short duration and tends to go away on its own, but in case the numbness itself becomes persistent and frequent, then this could well be a sign of the presence of a specific more troublesome condition. In this case, a doctor should immediately be consulted and the proper treatment measures taken. Facial numbness is also quite frequently accompanied by redness, swellings and the occurrence of a burning sensation, and in some cases even the inability to properly control the movement of the person’s muscles.

Most common causes

The following conditions are considered to be the most common culprits for the occurrence of numbness in a person.

Stroke – given the fact that stroke can bring a lot of harm and damage to the brain, one of the direct consequences of this kind of damage is also facial numbness. Due to the severity of the condition, numbness is often of paralyzing nature, due to the fact that the person’s brain does not get proper amounts of oxygen and blood. Other related culprits are also severe migraines and damages to the nerves.Injury – such injuries as facial ones, as well as those made to the person’s nervous system are also considered to be responsible for the occurrence of facial numbness. Also, numbness is known to occur due to the damage of the neck and spine nerves.Sleeping position – though it may sound as a bit unlikely culprit, awkward positioning during one’s sleep is also regarded as a direct cause of facial numbness, since this way, the nerves of the face can also be damaged.Abuse of drugs – all people are familiar with the devastating effect drugs can have on a person. But, there exist certain drugs that are so strong that they effect to an enormous extent the neurotransmitters, impairing their functions extremely, so that they end up sending false and improper signals to the blood cells and the nerves. This in turn can bring about the numbness, and do so in the entire body, face included.


The first step is, of course, to visit your doctor or a physician the moment you feel or experience awkward and unpleasant sensations on your face. In general, most of the doctors employ tricyclic antidepressants and anti-seizure medications that alter the brain’s perception of pain, which relieves the numbness and pain at the same time. Also, given the fact that numbness can occur due to lack of essential vitamins, another way to treat it is by making your diet as healthy as possible and sticking to it.

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