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Neck Stiffness Characteristics

This condition is a quite common one,caused by numerous factors we are exposed to daily. Namely, stressacts as a main reason behind this condition. Our modern lifestylesmake us exhaust our organism both mentally and physically. Thesefacts, combined with improper sleeping positions, all give way to ourneck muscle spasms, causing the stiffness.

As far as characteristicsof the stiffness itself is concerned, there are many differentmanifestations of it. It can be bearable by some while others may beunable to cope with the pain and motion inability neck stiffnessbrings about in their cases. Also, the lasting of the stiffness mayvary. Some may experience both its onset and its disappearance duringthe same day, while other may be tormented by it for a period ofseveral days.

Reasons Behind Stiffness of Neck

Apart from those mentioned above,sudden move or a strong contraction of the neck muscles may result instiffness. Namely, if one, during sports involving physical contactor any different occasions, is forced to move his neck in anunnatural and often quick manner, her or she may experience neckstiffness. This is due to excessive stretching forced upon themuscles in our neck, resulting in their contraction afterwards.

Numerous health conditions involvingbones or muscles, such as arthritis or cancer, as well as some jointproblems, may all be behind neck stiffness. Additionally, one'sincorrect sleeping habits involving unnatural head position as wellas body position in general, may, and usually do, result in thiscondition. Finally, sitting in front of the computer for too longwithout moving your head or neck will most probably cause the onsetof neck stiffness.

Manifestations of Stiff Neck

While this condition usually manifestsitself through pain and movement inability in the neck area, thereare other things one may experience during his or her agony of neckstiffness. Namely, the inability of movement may cause seriousproblems and pain during sleep, as one cannot position his or herbody adequately. The pain itself may spread to arms and the back,while muscle contractions may appear as well. Additionally, one's jawand teeth may hurt, or he or she may experience headache, nausea,fever, numbness and nose bleeding. One's sinuses may get obstructedand there might be an appearance of red or white spots in oralcavity.

Finally, there are numerous other symptoms related to neckstiffness. By recognizing them, one may discover the reason behindhis or her stiff neck. Sometimes this reason might be an illness,while other times it might be an infection or a simple strainedmuscle.

Therefore, for the best possibletreatment and diagnosis, it is best to seek medical attention.Lifestyle changes, medications and other means of stiff neckprevention may be necessary, but nevertheless, highly effective.

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