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Keep it straight

Main factors that contribute to a person losing his/her proper posture are numerous bad habits and various tedious activities such as spending too much time sitting in an office, bending down over a computer, driving, standing too much, and also sleeping. Given the fact that people have become increasingly exposed to such situations and activities as mentioned above, the improper posture has the potential to quite rapidly become a part of person’s nature, though not willingly of course, causing some of the more unpleasant conditions to occur such as pain in the back region, as well as damaging spinal structure. A sunny side up to this is the fact that this posture related issues have a lot to do with a person’s self control, i.e. once noticed, a person can, in time, establish better control over them and change them quite easily.

Posture and ergonomics boost

When it comes to doing your best to get that desired posture back, there are several things you can do in order to achieve it and also later on maintain it.

Be aware of the indicators of back pain caused by improper posture – as we have mentioned so far, back pain often occurs as a direct consequence of either improper posture or bad ergonomics. The type of pain to be on the lookout for includes pain occurring in the neck region and slowly progressing downwards all the way to the upper region of the back, as well as lower back and person’s extremities; pain that tends to disappear once a person changes the position be it while sitting or standing; sudden pain in the back due to the change of office chair, job or car; as well as the more persistent pain that lasts for longer periods of time.Be in motion – another common culprit, i.e. culprits, for the onset of a bad posture includes the tiring of the muscles, slumping, slouching and alike, since they have the tendency to pressurize the neck and the back to a greater extent. Therefore, movement is of utmost importance. Change positions as often as possible to avoid all of the above mentioned.Alignment – another extremely good technique for avoiding bad posture is to always try and keep your body well aligned while sitting or standing. This means that one should strive to even distribution of the weight along all parts of the bodyErgonomic office chairs and various posture-friendly props are also one of the good ways to improve on your posture

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