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A lot of people suffer from pain in the neck and it can be caused due to the trapped nerve, muscular or mechanical problem, injury or an inappropriate working posture. The pain can be very sharp, intense and come suddenly, or it can be dull. If you experience the neck pain that lasts for more than couple of months, then you have chronic neck pain. This condition is a normal part of everyday life and women are more prone to experience it than men.

Causes and Symptoms

There are many causes of the pain in the neck and some of them include use of computer keyboard for long period of time, falling asleep in an odd position, stress, worry, injury and trauma. There are also some medical conditions that can be responsible for the neck pain and they are structural damage caused by infection, or tumors, scoliosis, osteoporosis or slipped disc.

People who suffer from neck pain can feel stiffness, soreness and tense in the muscles of the neck, which can radiate towards the shoulder blades, arm, hand or the head. Sometimes, people can also suffer from headaches caused by the neck pain. Torticollis is the condition that causes a person to turn the head to one side due to the stiffness and pain. Tingling fingers and arms can also be one of the symptoms of the neck pain, but there are also many other symptoms that can indicate the pain in the neck. They include unexplained losing of weight, pain in the neck bones, worsening of the pain even after the treatment and clumsiness, weakness or numbness in one or both arms.

There are certain conditions that cause the neck pain and that should be treated immediately. Such conditions are meningitis, developed rash, fever, inability to put the chin towards their chest, eyes sensitive to light, vomiting, severe headaches and severe beck pain. Sometimes the neck pain can be caused due to some kind of injury followed by various symptoms, and in that case you should also seek the immediate medical help. Those symptoms are severe headache, pain behind the eye, affected balance, taste, hearing or vision, vomiting, and reduced strength in legs and arms.

If you happen to experience the neck pain, try to keep your everyday activities, but also find time to rest. Avoid driving a car if you wear neck-collar. Neck pain is not a serious conditions and the pain usually disappears after a couple of weeks, but in case the pain doesn`t go away for longer period of time, you should consult a specialist.

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