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Salty taste in mouth causes

Commonly ignored

Though it is quite a common occurrence, saltiness sensation inside the mouth is also one of the most frequently disregarded ones. Despite the fact that it is mostly fairly harmless in nature, it can sometimes prove to be quite unpleasant and even irritating. One of the reasons for which people fail to give any significance to this occurrence is the fact that they are not able to determine precisely what the culprits are, nor with which conditions this is in direct relation with. One of the facts known, however, is that it has nothing to do with the nose. Since this condition concerns the person’s mouth only, this is the place to start when beginning with the remedying procedure. But prior to taking up any treatment, it is essential to inform as much as possible about the possible culprits for the occurrence of this condition. The saltiness itself can be of short duration, starting from a couple of days, but it can also last up to a week, and sometimes even months. And this is why it is treated as a fairly uncomfortable and irritating condition to begin with.

Most frequent culprits and causes

The list of the culprits looks like this:

  • Infected salivary glands (salty saliva) – one of the most frequent culprits is the saliva that reaches the person’s mouth after being produced by the salivary glands. This can be brought about by such conditions as the Sjorgen’s syndrome, bacterial infection, sialadenitis, infected salivary gland etc.
  • Dehydration – once our body becomes water famished, i.e. extremely dehydrated, there occurs momentarily the production of saliva salty in taste.
  • Postnasal drainage – is yet another on the list of most to be blamed culprits for the occurrence of salty taste in one’s mouth. Varieties that are known to bring this about are sinus infection, bacterial sinusitis all form of mucus inside the nostrils, which slowly goes down all the way to the mouth inducing salty taste.
  • Tears – are already of salty taste once they find their way inside the nasal cavity and then flow down and through the throat inducing salty taste.
  • Medications – have the tendency to cause the sensation in question when consumed – chemotherapy drugs and anti-thyroid medicines especially.
  • Health problems – though fairly rare, but this sensation can also be brought about by various neurological disorders.


In case this troubles you for a longer period of time, be sure to consult a doctor as soon as possible. In case the drugs you take coincide with the occurrence of this sensation, also consult your doctor, for he will then give you an alternative medicine. Drinking as much water as possible is vital.

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