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 Stay young through exercise

The importance of physical activity as we grow older

Aging is a process that affects us all, but there are steps that can help us decrease the effects of this process. One of such steps is exercising and it is never late to start exercising, so do not justify yourself for not exercising due to old age. People in their advanced period of life will benefit from physical activity like walking, for example, even more. You need to avoid being still and not moving around, so try to find an activity that you enjoy doing. Physical activity is very important for the health of the human body, but since one third of people over 65 avoid all physical activities and only 15% get the needed amounts of physical activity, it is not wonder that older people are suffering from so many health problems.

Diaries and other strategies may be very beneficial in these situations because they can significantly improve motivation and it helps to write them each day. People can write down when they do some work around the house or go to the store getting some walking miles. Having a dog might also be very helpful for keeping your motivation high. We all know that dogs always want to walk and they may force you to walk even when you are not up to it.

Changes can be good

Change is very hard especially when life habits are concerned. This is why people take changes very difficult and cannot go on with exercising when it is presented in the form of medical prescription. People have problems when they have to change something in their lives right now and they have to continue to do this every day. So we have to get used to this new behavior and exercising plan and this will require time. Benefits from exercising are numerous and so many exercises can be beneficial. Among them are the so-called seated exercises.

These exercises are good for people who are immobile and sit in their chairs whole day. People in these situation cannot walk and good exercise may be a problem. But there are exercises, like leg lifts, which can be done in this position. Just lift one leg until it reaches horizontal position and then return to the vertical one. Start with 10 lifts for each day and increase until you reach three sets with 15 lifts. You can use leg weight, starting with one pound weights, if you need more work load. The upper body is also very important and you can do many different exercises in a seated position with the use of weights. Take can of pees or any other item if you do not have weights.

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